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Inventory of float glass manufacturers this week
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Inventories of domestic float glass companies have increased significantly this week. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, various places have experienced inventory accumulation to varying degrees. The inventories of companies in North China, East China, and Central China have increased significantly. In order to promote the recovery of shipments after the festival, many companies have introduced a volume policy, and transaction prices have fallen. In terms of regions, shipments in North China were flat during the week, and manufacturers’ inventories increased significantly. Currently, Shahe manufacturers’ inventory is about 4.88 million weight boxes, and traders’ inventories have declined. The recent production and sales in East China have been weak, and the inventories of various plants have increased significantly. Holidays and local deep processing have been affected. The company’s start-up is limited, and the overall delivery volume is small; the overall production and sales in central China are low, the downstream insists on purchasing on demand, the traders are cautious, and the glass manufacturers’ inventory growth is accelerating; the South China companies’ post-holiday shipments resume normal, and the downstream operations are insufficient, Fujian Delivery of goods in some areas is still restricted, and shipments to Guangdong and Guangxi are normal. Zhuo Chuang Information believes that the national holiday is approaching, the enthusiasm of midstream and downstream procurement is not high, the situation is obviously under shipping pressure, and the company's inventory is likely to maintain a growth trend in the short term.

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