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Analysis of the progress of photovoltaic glass production
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Analysis: As of now, according to the statistics of Longzhong Information, from January to September 2021, 20 new lines will be put into operation, with a total of 15,260T/D new capacity, 3 re-production ignition lines, with a total production capacity of 1050T/D. There is a production capacity increase expected, and the ignition time is relatively concentrated, the new production capacity is expected to be around 10,000T/D, but it is not ruled out that the production capacity may be delayed until 2022.

The main reason is the poor market conditions in the first half of this year. The original production plans of various manufacturers have also slowed down following the market conditions. The manufacturers who were originally expected to ignite in the second quarter have feedback on the market based on observation;

However, this does not include the mainstream manufacturers. Based on the advance deployment and planning of the market strategy, the ignition plan of the mainstream manufacturers is basically carried out as scheduled, and there is little difference from the previous announcement. The new ignition line will continue to be based on the production capacity of the mainstream manufacturers. , It is expected that new players of photovoltaic glass and manufacturers with smaller furnace tonnage will mainly observe the market for a long time, and the ignition action will be postponed or even stagnated indefinitely.

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